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Alle gegen Deutschland

Sparta 2015Ahi Ahi… Das ist eine echt Schade. Alle sind heute gegen Deutschland…

Dear Mr. Schäuble, probably you’ll be remembered as the Europeanist anti-Merkel…  You have repeated in the last few hours the same song: “Many in the government and in EU were in favor of Grexit». Yes, this is truth. But please you do not hide your little hand.  You were in the first position and the others, for very different reasons, were only back. 

Dear Mr. Schäuble, you just look at what happened today in German public finance. That’s not happened for many years in Germany. This morning the German Bund auction was been technically “uncovered”,  despite interest rates rising to the highest since October 2014: Germany sold ten-year bonds to 4.0865 billion euro, compared to a question that has reached the maximum target of 5 billion offer of stopping at an altitude of 4.499 billion.

BoycottGermanyThe average yield is climbed to 0.88% (from 0.81% auction of June) the level most’ highest since October 1 last. In fact, the international markets have sent a very clear signal: we do not trust the government bonds of Germany. 

Looking what is happen on all social networks, where the new trend always today had this incredible target, all agaist Germany: using Twitter, many citizen of sud Europe have adopted the claim “#boycottgerman”. They from today now look at well the barcodes, because they avoid those that start from 400 to 440 (corresponding to the made in Germany) and choose another products.

What a great sin, to admit after this incredible weekend that the top of the class did not know how to understand and really help the latest.
If we want a Europe truly credible, we must make our own the idea to feel all inside the same country. The same for all.

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