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Migration, jobs and Europe

Totally agree… Brava Striped…
Chi vive davvero l’Europa poi va ancora piu’ avanti (ma ovviamente questi sono piccoli dettagli nel contesto generale… und wir wissen schon gut warum…)


Die-Offensive_01The warmer season sees the flow of immigrants and refugees increasing especially on the northern side of the Mediterranean, but this is true also for the east-facing borders of Italy.

However, the Italian radio today focused on two other aspects of migration, within Europe. On the one hand, Germany like Italy has a demographic problem. Natality apparently is now even lower than Japan’s, as alluded on this morning press review.

On the other hand, Germany will need to counter-act its demographic problem not only by attracting immigration from non-EU countries as described in a recent Bertelsmann Foundation study, but also within the EU and from Italy, as commented on Pagina 3. The country keeps on upgrading its online information portals targeted at individuals who want to live – and work – in Germany.

This leaves Italy as a country with demographic problems today, which will become even tougher…

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    3 giugno 2015 alle 22:28


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