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Vogue Fashion’s Night Out: Milan meets really fashion

Waiting for the fashion shows of Fashion Week, a incredible night of shopping and glam events

Few hours before the opening Milan Fashion Week dedicated to the female universe, two or three things we can already sure to write.

That´s the first. The fashion week would not have the same polish without “fashion bloggers” and journalists. The communicators in the industry run by a walkway to the other exhibiting look that does not escape the photographers. That is the street style, because in the spotlight, there are only models and designers, but the entire people of fashion remain out. Designers and also many enthusiasts now can to be interactive. Today only the fashion bloggers can to intercept the new trends and write about it. All the large newsrooms, all the famous magazines have lost the initial freshness. They are clearly influenced by the weight of publicity, money that are struggling more and more to collect. 

10-corso-comoThey are not only experts and well-known faces: to capture the attention of photographers and TV cameras there is the ordinary people who take advantage of the “all-granted” fashion week to wear special dress and bizarre accessories. Fashion enthusiasts who remain standing for hours waiting for the entry and exit of those who attend fashion shows. There are discounts and deals, unique pieces, so everything to make to spin the head of all womens of this planet.

The second is: people, fans and designers have the need to remain for one day, or more, in contact. Oh yes. The “magnet event” in this week was been the “Vogue Fashion’s Night Out”: here the “fashion world” met all the people of Milan fashion addicts. All the fans would not miss it, there is any reason to the world. What for it can be better, waiting for the parades of fashion week, which plunge into a night of shopping and glamorous events? Only an answer is possIble: NOOOOTHING!

10-corso-como-top-viewOk, I pray all to remember this lesson. That remains the Milan that the entire world envies us. A large pedestrian area full of enthusiastic people of life, in one night is certainly a bit ‘crazy for everyone, but to dream of putting together the best food in the world with the best creativity of the most’ talented designers in fashion. The city center is closed to traffic from 19.00 until the next sunrise. A large and difficult city ‘that becomes a night for a big country. Where all the citizens of Milan are proud of this return to the center of the world.

Forza Milan. This is a battle that you can win. We know that😉


Some pics are in this gallery here: just only one click on to see in big size



beuty-on-the-road cristina-tajani-franca-sozzani-e-livia-firth driven-by-desire-allestimento people all-is-open milas-is-campari people-stopped-versace-store movida people pic-to-say-I-was-there giorgio inviti-personal-welcome-cards aroud-the-street-of-Milan-for-the-vogue-fashion-night-out-2014 franca-sozzani modelussari-trend

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