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Tax problems for Josefa Idem, first case of a … “german minister” of an italian government

Josefa Idem is the first case of a … “german” minister of an Italian government. She is certainly a great news of the new government Letta. Equally “german”, however, should also be the love of extreme fairness of his duties as a citizen and taxpayer. Yet to hear his political opponents, would seem to have adapted well to the Italic costumes: those of not paying taxes or avoid them in part. Josefa Idem, the unbeatable with eight editions of the Olympic Games behind, may have today an Achilles heel: the “not loved” tax over the first house. In the city of Ravenna, and exactly in little center of Santerno (where she lives with her husband – and coach – Guglielmo Guerrini and two children), the Minister for Equal Opportunities, Sport and Youth actually had yet another residence: a “home-gym”, where is the legal address of  ASD (Association for the Sport for Dilettantics – amateurish), a fiscal (but legal, in Italy) to mask the revenues of a commercial activity. Played all as a fictitious residence for tax purposes?

The hassle has exploded exactly the last day of  G8 meeting at Lough Erne, just the day in which the prime minister Letta at end of works declared: “The problem in Italy is mainly to give the idea of ​​a rule of law that works, with a justice system that offers solutions, without there being the possibility of easy to evade taxation, that trumps logic so if you’re a friend of the friend you can have shortcuts. “

A 1500 miles away, in the meantime, one of his ministers was under an investigation by the municipal offices. Which established one thing: in the years 2008-2011 Josefa Idem and her husband did not pay a € Ici resulting, first, living in a gym he owned in “carraia” Bezzi (carraia is a typical street of an hill), the second, in their home on Via Argine Destro Lamone. Both two indicated as a principal residence! In Italy, it’s impossible register two home as first home (because on the first home every citizen has the right to tax rebates, which are absolutely not allowed on any other property).

For Josefa, the situation was “adjusted” only on 4 February 2013 when, with a statement IMU, the neo minister is “back in the family” in right bank at via Lamone, pointing to the gym as a second home. And then on 5 June 2013, not immediately but within the statutory time limits, with a voluntary disclosure and payment the taxes of the missing part of IMU.

Why only now? The interpretations are – basically – two. The first was given from the husband of the minister, mr. Guerrini, who in an interview he spoke of a “mistake” dragged along in years and of which we realized later. The family lived for four years in “carraia” Bezzi 104. Then, when they have moved, there has been “forgotten” to move also the residence of the neo minister. Or is there another reading, more Italic. The second is: between 2008 and 2011, the ICI exemption has played its part, but then came the IMU that – unlike the previous tax – which obliges the spouses to declare the same residence unless it is proved otherwise. The IMU, which was introduced by Berlusconi, was to take effect from 2014, but a decree of December 2011, the governament Monti has brought forward to 2012. The voluntary disclosure is delicious morsel for malicious: operated June 5, three days before the first doubts moved, but with a great resonance, from the local press of Emila Romagna.

G8 in Irlanda, secondo giornonaturally, the minister, according to a statement from his press secretary, “has no intention to comment on this local controversy.” However, the findings do not seem finished. In addition to the fiscal front, the authority of investigations has opened a dispute in the area of construction sector: for the municipality, in fact, there is currently not a Gym in that building, but only a home.  And therefore now is necessary to assess the conformity permits and licenses that normally required the legal presence of a “real” gym-area. The Minister has appointed a lawyer to take care of the matter. 

We hope, that must be clear, that everything is checked and infringements will be found. By the way, the risk now is that the “local controversy” will become the first real tile on the government Letta, a government that has made the rigor of the rules and one of its strong points. And the image of the … first case of Minister of german origin in Italy will come out heavily blurred.

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