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The 10 most popular videos on YouTube in the advertising world

In view of the sixtieth International Festival of Creativity, held in Cannes June 16 to 22, 2013, Google has made available the ranking of the ten most popular videos on YouTube advertising in the world in the period March 2012-April 2013.

The ranking, called ‘Leaderboard Ads Cannes to Cannes’, takes into account some of the most significant signs of satisfaction expressed by users on YouTube, including the number of views, the percentage of each display advertising, the relationship between organic views and views for a fee.


Post scriptum by Fabrizio Dell’Orso:

1 ) Please note that the spot from Google is … the last one in the list.
I think this means two things: the first is ranking is really serious and real, and the second, that Google needs to change as soon as his agency adv.

2) My favorite is … as first Evian, as second GoPro Camera. And … the jours?


By the way, here are the rankings:

1: Dove Sketches

Creative Agency: Ogilvy Brazil
Media Agency: PHD, Mindshare

2: Turkishairlines- Kobe vs Messi
Creative Agency: Alametifarika

3: EvianBabies- Baby&me

Creative Agency: Havas Media Agency: BETC

4: Callofduty- Surpise Call of Duty Live Action Trailer
Creative Agency: 72andSunny
Media Agency: OMD

5: Pepsi- Jeff Gordon

Creative Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Media Agency: OMD

For the others five pls one clic below here  … “continua a leggere”

6: InternetExplorer – Child of the 90s
Creative Agency: Microsoft with Column Five
Media Agency: Starcom MediaVest

7: PlayStation- PlayStation 4
Creative Agency: Sony Computer Entertainment North America
Media Agency: Deutsch Inc.

8: Pepsi- Uncle Drew
Creative Agency: The Marketing Arm/Davie Brown Entertainment (Los Angeles) 
Media Agency: OMD

9: GoProCamera- GoPro HERO3: Black Edition – Smaller, Lighter and 2X More Powerful
Creative Agency: GoPro Media Team
Media Agency: PPC Associates

10 : Google- Go Google: Google Drive

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